Coaching in a world of Artificial intelligence - are we ready for it?

Speaker: Adina Tarry
Type: Paid Event - £20.00
Venue: The Holiday Inn, 97 Cromwell Road, London (Courtfield Road entrance) (Click venue address for map)
Date: 26 March 2019

Coaching in a world of Artificial intelligence - are we ready for it?

Times: 18:15 Registration and Networking

18:30 Session begins and finishes at 20:00



We hear a lot in today’s world about the threat of robots taking our jobs, and of Al taking over the world. Join the London Coaching Group for this fascinating session all about the 4th digital revolution, Al, Robotics and the tension this context creates.

Adina Tarry is an experienced career and executive coach, technology adopter and author of the 2018 publication: “Coaching with career and Al in mind: grounding a hopeful and resourceful self fit for a digital world”. She will deliver an interactive workshop that explores the dilemmas and challenges that technological change may bring to jobs and professions – including coaching.

Adina will explore the future of work, careers and coaching, as well as our readiness and responsibility for our professional capability to support and coach others in a fast-paced and rapidly evolving digital landscape, where we may - ourselves – feel sometimes unprepared the such levels of unprecedented change!

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