Nature-based Coaching: Partnering with the Natural World

Speaker: Josie Fenton, MA, MS
Type: Paid Event - £15.00
Venue: Holiday Inn (Courtfield Road entrance) 97 Cromwell Road, London (Click venue address for map)
Date: 24 May 2016

(Please note - we will be delighted if attendees bring a natural object to this session.)


Nature-based Coaching: Partnering with the natural world with Josie Fenton, MA, MS


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“We had gone as deep into the centre of the wilderness as we could, and as deep into our hearts and minds.” – Robert Greenway

Through this participatory session, Wilderness-based Coach, Josie Fenton, will share her work and passion for partnering with the natural world. From contemplative rock-climbing in the heart of the Rocky Mountains to a conversation on a city park bench, you will discover tangible examples of the scope and potency of nature-based coaching. 

You will be invited to listen deeply to both inner and outer nature, as you connect to self, purpose and your own relationship with the natural world. There will be an opportunity to identify how you might further partner with nature in your own coaching practice. 

Please join us in exploring what it means to have a three-way dialogue between coach, coachee, and the natural world.

Together, we shall engage intuitively in guided activities based on metaphor, symbol finding, sensory awakening, contemplation, somatic engagement and co-coaching.

The learning objectives of the session are:

  • Learn simple yet powerful practices to further incorporate the natural world into the coaching dialogue
  • Experience the potency of partnering with the natural world
  • Sense the scope and depth of the field of nature-based coaching

About Josie Fenton

is the founder of Lodestone, providing wilderness-based coaching and therapy to both individuals and groups. In 2004, she developed an innovative nature-based approach to personal and professional growth. Her clientele includes leaders and managers from diverse business sectors, as well as universities, scientific institutions and charitable organizations. 

Josie began working in the field of leadership development in 1996. She comes from a lineage of psychotherapists, coaches, and facilitators and grew up immersed in this unique family environment. 

She obtained her Masters in Wilderness Therapy at Naropa University. She also holds an MS in Mathematics and Astronomy from University College London and has a background working as a research scientist in Cosmology. She has provided pro-bono nature-based counselling services to torture survivors and refugees.

Being based in Boulder allows Lodestone to take clients into the pristine beauty of the Colorado wilderness. Josie travels extensively with her work, providing indoor and outdoor sessions in English and French. 

Most recently, she has delivered workshops for HSBC (France), Virgin Atlantic (USA), University of Göttingen (Germany), dunnhumby (USA), boas professional coach certification (UK), Wilderness Therapy Symposium (USA), Women’s Empowerment Workshop (USA), Vaisala (USA)…

Twitter: @lodestoneway



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