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Events - Resourcing the Supervisee - Supervision a Thinking Environment

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Resourcing the Supervisee - Supervision a Thinking Environment

Speaker: Linda Aspey
Type: Paid Event - £17.50
Venue: Holiday Inn (Courtfield Road Entrance) 97 Cromwell Road, London (Click venue address for map)
Date: 24 April 2018

Resourcing the Supervisee - Supervision a Thinking Environment

Times: 18h15 Registration and Networking

18h45 Session begins and finishes at 20h15


The Thinking Environment creates a unique partnership for the supervisee to develop expertise in thinking for themselves about their work with clients. Underpinned by Ten Components – behaviours and attitudes that have consistently been demonstrated to promote independent thinking – in supervision there is an explicit expectation that the supervisee is in charge of the session. The supervisor’s main role is to be a generative, encouraging force for the supervisee to come to insights and understanding as well as consolidate and crystalize their own questions; input from the supervisor is only given when asked for. It requires a deep acceptance that the supervisor adds more value through their attention than they do through their input. The safe space that is created, free from competition or hierarchy, is a partnership of equality. The giving of generative Attention has a dimension of compassionate mindfulness; experiencing this is powerful and liberating and also helps the supervisee to develop expertise in helping their own clients to think for themselves.

We will work in pairs to practice giving sustained, generative attention, and I will demonstrate, with a volunteer, contracting for the session and how the session then progresses. I will also describe how the Thinking Environment is used in group supervision and give participants the opportunity to practice one of the techniques.  You will gain insight into: 

  • How the 10 Components of a Thinking Environment can make a positive and profound impact on the quality of the supervisee’s thinking;
  • The differences between Independent Thinking & Exchange Thinking in the context of supervision;
  • What emerging neuroscience tells us about how the Thinking Environment can develop the internal supervisor;
  • How this approach can profoundly benefit participants both in terms of the client work and the trusting relationship between the supervisee and supervisor.

Linda has 25+ years’ experience in working with leaders, teams and individuals to overcome blocks to success so that they thrive. She is Global Faculty of Time to Think, having trained with Nancy Kline for over a decade. Linda supervises both face to face and virtually, creating a unique space for coaches, OD consultants and facilitators to reflect, gain insight and develop their capacity for independent thinking.  She recently co-authored a chapter on Supervision in the Thinking Environment in the forthcoming Routledge book “The Heart of Coaching Supervision – working with Reflection and Self-care” edited by Eve Turner and Professor Stephen Palmer.  She is CEO of Coaching for Leaders, a coaching and OD consultancy, and also leads the 50-strong team of executive coaches at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation. A Fellow of BACP, accredited psychotherapist, supervisor and executive coach, Linda has a masters in Strategic HRM. Linda was founding Chair of BACP Coaching and is now President of the Association of Integrative Coach Therapist professionals.

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Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of the London Coaching Group as a Community Group, run by volunteers and on a very limited budget, in the interests of keeping the ticket price as low as possible we do not offer refunds on cancellation save only where the event does not take place due to the non-availability of the speaker or the venue.

Transfer of tickets:

If you are unable to attend an event and find someone else to take your place, please give them your printed ticket with an email from you (using the email address used to book your ticket) cc’s to and, so that we can verify this at registration.

Photographic release:

All attendees of the London Coaching Group (“LCG”) events acknowledge that the organisers may take photographs of the group during presentation and use such photographs on the LCG website, in their LCG email newsletter and also social media activity.  In attending any LCG event, you give LCG organisers the irrevocable right to use our pictures or photographs, as envisaged above, free of charge.






















































































































































































































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