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Events - Less is more! Harnessing the power of virtual coaching

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Less is more! Harnessing the power of virtual coaching

Speaker: Moira McLaughlin
Type: Paid Event - £17.50
Venue: Holiday Inn (Courtfield Road Entrance) 97 Cromwell Road, London (Click venue address for map) (Click venue address for map)
Date: 28 March 2017

Less is more! Harnessing the power of virtual coaching with Moira McLaughlin

Times: 18h00 Registration and Networking

18h30 Session begins and finishes at 20h30



Our use of virtual coaching is growing year on year, yet it is often considered ‘second best’ to face-to-face working – it’s what we might fall back on when coach and client can’t meet.  Some may see it as wholly interchangeable with co-located work, whilst some of us struggle with the lack of person-to-person experience.
However, research suggests that virtual coaching can be a powerful, highly flexible and creative intervention – one which offers coach and client more than a distance coaching tool.  Studies also indicate that a different skill set is required to optimise its effectiveness and sense of ease for all participants.
This practical session invites you to extend your understanding of the complexity of the virtual space and the key skills involved in working with telephone and Skype - an ideal opportunity to develop your practice, your awareness and your confidence in this  expanding market.

The session will include several exercises – including one in which participants can conduct a brief coaching conversation, relying on verbal cues and discuss insights arising from the exercise

1.   extend your understanding of the nature of the virtual space and gain insights from recent research
2.   identify key benefits and challenges of virtual coaching and skill sets required
3.   learn practical ways of optimising the power of virtual (audio/Skype) coaching

Moira is a Master Practitioner coach (EMCC), coach supervisor and trainer, specialising and researching into virtual coaching and supervision.
She has over 20 years coaching experience with individuals, teams and groups, and a passion for maximising access to coaching.
Her clients include universities and local authorities in the UK, global leadership consultancies, and independent coaches.  She has presented at conferences in Europe, and co-organised an international conference on virtual working for the International Foundation for Action Learning (IFAL).
Moira holds a Masters degree in Coaching and Mentoring Practice and trained with Ashridge Consulting UK in Virtual (Audio) Facilitation.
She is an experienced counsellor and an Executive Member of IFAL UK.

The March session will be extended to enable us to include a short session focussing on our online coaching community ReciproCoach (  Vivian Wood, who is leading on this initiative, will give an overview of the offering that we have agreed ReciproCoach, run a demonstration of the website  and the  process for signing up and organising coaching rounds. 

Please note the timings for the March session, given below .

  • Networking from : 18.00
  • ReciproCoach presentation – Vivian Wood : 18.30 – 19.00
  • Less is More - Moira McLaughlin : 19.00 – 20.30




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Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of the London Coaching Group as a Community Group, run by volunteers and on a very limited budget, and in the interests of keeping the ticket price as low as possible, we do not offer refunds on cancellations save only where the event does not take place due to the non-availability of the speaker or the venue.

Transfer of tickets:

If you are unable to attend an event and find someone else to take your place, please give them your printed ticket with an email from you (using the email address used to book your ticket) cc’d to and so that we can verify this at registration.  This keeps the process simple and involves minimal administrative time which keeps costs down.  Thank you!

Photographic release:

All attendees of the London Coaching Group (“LCG”) events acknowledge that the organisers may take photographs of the group during presentations and use. Such photographs on the LCG website, in their LCG email newsletter and/or in LCG social media activity and, in attending any LCG event, give LCG organisers the irrevocable right to use our pictures or photographs, as envisaged above, free of charge


















































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