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Events - Courage to STOP

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Courage to STOP

Speaker: Kish Modasia
Type: Paid Event - £15.00
Venue: Holiday Inn (Courtfield Road entrance) 97 Cromwell Road, London (Click venue address for map)
Date: 28 June 2016

Courage to Stop!


Our busy, full lives can leave us stressed, tired, angry and with no thinking space. As business owners and individuals self-care tends to fall lower down the priority list. In this session we will explore where we are on the ladder regarding self-care.

Could this be different and if so how? We will see that by having a daily practice, of even a few minutes, of Mindfulness, we can bring calm and clarity in our fast paced lives. The tools I share are very easy to fit into everyday life.

 You will leave with an ART which we’ll create together.

A – Awareness of what you hold

R – Realisation of what that’s doing to you and others

T – Transformation with a toolkit to take with you

The session is completely interactive. Participant will explore new tools, have the opportunity to be reminded of tools they already have and will be able to put together a toolkit to take away with them.

  • Meditation and relaxation techniques
  • An awareness of your breath and how it can be easily used to bring calm to you and your clients in seconds
  • Realisation of how gratitude can shift what you bring into your life
  • Explore how your body can work with you to relax through dance and movement
  1. The value of self-care and the huge impact it has on ourselves, our clients and others around us
  2. By practicing mindfulness in daily activities, even for a few minutes a day, you can feel more calm and relaxed, yet achieve more.
  3. Using mindfulness as a tool to become more self-aware and use this awareness for the benefit of ourselves and our clients.

Kish is a qualified professional coach and workshop facilitator, and an exponent of Mindfulness in everyday life. Kish has a great sense of fun and adventure. She was the pioneer of home working for British Telecom in 1988 and has even tried her hand at stand-up comedy to take herself out of her comfort zone! She brings these qualities, together with warmth, and appreciation of diversity, to her coaching practice. 

Kish and Mindfulness 

Kish says “I’ve learned my leadership and mindfulness skills through my on-going coaching training, and more importantly through my life experience.

The challenges and growth spurts that life has thrown into my path have made me realise how vulnerability, and accepting what is, are essential building blocks towards being a sustainable and authentic leader.”

Sessions delivered:

In my home and venues in Wimbledon to a wide range of audience including CEOs and coaches.

In Stockholm several workshops over 2013, 2014 and 2015

ICF Conference Stockholm Nov 2013

Kingston University Alumni Group October 2014

ICF Conference Malmo Nov 2014

Civil Service many sessions in 2013, 2014 and 2015

British Occupational Psychologists  Conference Jan 2015

British Occupational Psychologists  Conference Jan 2016

UK ICF Teleclass 2nd November 2015



Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of the London Coaching Group as a Community Group, run by volunteers and on a very limited budget, and in the interests of keeping the ticket price as low as possible, we do not offer refunds on cancellations save only where the event does not take place due to the non-availability of the speaker or the venue.

Transfer of tickets:

If you are unable to attend an event and find someone else to take your place, please give them your printed ticket with an email from you (using the email address used to book your ticket) cc’d to and so that we can verify this at registration.  This keeps the process simple and involves minimal administrative time which keeps costs down.  Thank you!

Photographic release :

All attendees of the London Coaching Group (“LCG”) events acknowledge that the organisers may take photographs of the group during presentations and use. Such photographs on the LCG website, in their LCG email newsletter and/or in LCG social media activity and, in attending any LCG event, give LCG organisers the irrevocable right to use our pictures or photographs, as envisaged above, free of charge.

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