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Events - Coaching through the Menopause

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Coaching through the Menopause

Speaker: Deborah Price & Tim Taylor
Type: Paid Event - £0.00
Venue: Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum (Click venue address for map)
Date: 25 August 2015


Coaching through the Menopause
Deborah Price & Tim Taylor

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Menopause, as natural as childbirth, is rarely discussed at work even amongst women, for fear of professional suicide.  8 out of 10 women will be affected by their menopause symptoms and, with 3.5 million women over the age of 50 working full-time, they are going to need our support.  Peri-menopause, the stage before menopause when women are transitioning into the menopause, has the potential to derail a career and cost businesses thousands of pounds in lost talent, innovation and experience.  Coaches need to be prepared to address this issue and to educate their corporate clients about its potential impact – supporting talented managers affected.  This session will raise awareness of the many symptoms that may be experienced enabling coaches to educate, normalize and validate the experiences of this client group.


There will be opportunities for the coaches to ask questions, & for both men and women to share their own personal experiences of being affected by the menopause (themselves, through their partner and/or work colleagues) at and in work in order to gain better understanding of the challenges.


The learning objectives for this session are as follows:

  1. Understanding the array of potential symptoms  
  2. Preparing for how to raise this taboo subject with clients and HR professionals 
  3. Understanding how coaching can help save organisations thousands of pounds in lost talent by not addressing this issue

About Tim Taylor and Deborah Price


Tim Taylor and Deborah Price were awarded Coaching at Work’s 2014 Thought Leadership Award for their joint article on the impact of Menopause on the Workplace. 


Tim Taylor is a visionary learning professional delivering practical leadership solutions to maximise business performance.   A challenging and inspirational coach, Tim is passionate about changing the way companies develop leaders. As a father of a 10 year old daughter he is keenly interested in women’s issues at work and is curious to better understand what prevents more women reaching their full leadership potential.   Understanding the impact of the menopause on talent retention is both a personal and a professional challenge he intends to help to address. 


Deborah Price was peri-menopausal for over 10 years during which time she started to have conversations with fellow sufferers that left her speechless.  The strong sense of isolation experienced by many and the lack of practical and emotional support had devastating effects on many of them.  She is determined to find a way to bring these stories to light and lift the lid on this taboo subject. She could not have coped, at times, at work without the support and understanding offered to her by Tim.  Winning the Coaching at Work Thought Leadership Award in 2014 for the article she co-wrote with Tim Taylor was a highlight in her career – the subject was getting the attention it deserved! +44 28 9181 7740 or +44 7872 322237 +44 207 096 1427 or


+44 7798 550660



The price is £15 payable in advance through Eventbrite or £20 cash at the door.



Cancellation Policy:

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