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Events - You, Your Money And Your Money Mind-set

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You, Your Money And Your Money Mind-set

Speaker: Wilma Allan
Type: Paid Event - £15.00
Venue: Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum (Click venue address for map)
Date: 29 September 2015

The price is £15 payable in advance through Eventbrite or £20 cash at the door. 

You, Your Money And Your Money Mind-set 

Wilma Allan

(How To Expand Your Business By Encompassing Your Relationship With Money)

This 90 minute session is a facilitated presentation for delegates to examine their money mind-set and their relationship with money.  They will learn, how by understanding and encompassing their relationship with money into their lives and business more comprehensively, they can strengthen their strengths and side-step the temptations that could sabotage their plans.

During the presentation they will examine:

  • their money mind-set
  • their money story
  • the impact that this is having on their business growth

Delegates will have the opportunity to discover their major Money Archetypes.   The benefit of knowing and understanding how we are influenced by our archetypes allows us to play more fully to our strengths and avoid situations and roles where we are less effective.

There will be 3 exercises for the delegates to do:

  • Understand Your Money Story
  • New Money Legacy
  • Squaring Up To Your Relationship With Money

The learning and objectives for the session are as follows:

  • Change the way delegates act towards money – in introducing different habits and ways of managing their money
  • Change the way delegates feel towards money – touching on the science behind how are feelings affect our reality
  • Change the way delegates think about money – showing them how their thoughts are affecting their relationship with money.

About Wilma Allan

Wilma is an expert on people\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s emotional relationship with money and money mind-set.   She is the founder of The Money Midwife - a transformational coaching company working with aspirational individuals and committed business owners to get past their money blockages by honing and adjusting their money mind-set and relationship with money so they can achieve their life ambitions and financial goals.  

Wilma is an experienced speaker who has a natural, relaxed and engaging manner and she thoroughly enjoys involving her audience. Most of her speaking has been at conferences and business groups in South Wales and the South West, including the Euro Coach Conference in 2014.

01600 780122/ 07973 908577 (text only unless on the day)


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