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Events - Lumination in Action

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Lumination in Action

Speaker: Hazel Russo
Type: Paid Event - £15.00
Venue: Holiday Inn, Kensington Forum (Click venue address for map)
Date: 28 July 2015

The increase in price is due to a newer venue which includes tea and coffee. The location has great transport links, is in close proximity to the station and has many eateries nearby. This offers great opportunities for more networking both before and after the event.

Lumination in Action

Lumination is a highly interactive coaching tool for one to one and small group coaching. Designed as a board game, it draws on the fundamental coaching principles of listening, powerful questioning, metaphor and reflection, and makes them available to client and coach alike. 

In this session Lumination creator Hazel Russo will introduce the game and its key concepts, explaining how it works in practice and how it can be applied in different coaching, supervision and facilitation settings. 

This will be an interactive session, giving you the opportunity to ‘play’ Lumination by experiencing core elements of this fun and powerful board game first hand during the evening.   

Hazel will facilitate a Lumination session from the front of the room, using a random selection of cards picked by coaches to generate paired coaching conversations between all participants. 

There will be plenty of opportunity to share insights and learning with the full group throughout the evening.

Learning objectives for the session will be as follows:

  1. Discovering the power of play in a coaching context
  2. Learning how the use of metaphor and a structured framework can enhance coaching conversations.
  3. Having the opportunity to reflect on a personal or professional challenge and gain insight.

Hazel Russo has been coaching professionally for over 15 years and has worked with executives, leaders and professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors. Hazel graduated in mathematics with psychology and went on to work in a number of national policy roles before pursuing her interests in coaching and people development. She is Accredited with the Association for Coaching and facilitates the Association’s Central London Co-coaching Forum. 

07779 111563



The price is £15 payable in advance through Eventbrite or £20 cash at the door.



Cancellation Policy:

Due to the nature of the London Coaching Group as a Community Group, run by volunteers and on a very limited budget, and in the interests of keeping the ticket price as low as possible, we do not offer refunds on cancellations save only where the event does not take place due to the non-availability of the speaker or the venue.

Transfer of tickets:

If you are unable to attend an event and find someone else to take your place, please give them your printed ticket with an email from you (using the email address used to book your ticket) cc’d to and so that we can verify this at registration.  This keeps the process simple and involves minimal administrative time which keeps costs down.  Thank you!

Photographic release :

All attendees of the London Coaching Group (“LCG”) events acknowledge that the organisers may take photographs of the group during presentations and use. Such photographs on the LCG website, in their LCG email newsletter and/or in LCG social media activity and, in attending any LCG event, give LCG organisers the irrevocable right to use our pictures or photographs, as envisaged above, free of charge.
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