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Events - Spiritual Intelligence ‘The Wisdom of the Heart’

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Spiritual Intelligence ‘The Wisdom of the Heart’

Speaker: Altazar Rossiter
Type: Paid on the Door
Venue: The Abbey Centre, 34 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BU
Date: 25 November 2014

The London Coaching Group is pleased to welcome all coaches and those interested in coaching to their monthly events. Networking starts at 6:15 pm, with the featured session commencing at 6:45pm. The cost including light refreshments is £10:00 and booking in advance is essential to reserve your place


Spiritual Intelligence ‘The Wisdom of the Heart’

What is the wisdom of the heart, and how is it relevant to the coaching conversation?

This evening we’ll explore this question experientially through simple basic exercises working with Spiritual Intelligence. These exercises can be utilised as tools to uncover and dissolve the self-sabotaging behaviour patterns that are often so resistant to conventional coaching methods.

The heart signals through both joy and its absence. It’s often difficult to hear this above the noise of our everyday thinking. We’ll consider how we can hone our alertness to this and be aware of how our own process impacts the coaching situation.

 The audience will be encouraged to experiment and explore their own responses through interactive group exercises and inter-personal exchange.

A set of questions will be provided to assist ongoing exploration.

 1.     To increase personal awareness of Spiritual Intelligence operating through us as individuals: opening to this personal facility enables deeper insight into the human condition.

2.     To provide a basis for ongoing self-enquiry, which is a foundation for all transformative interpersonal work.

3.     To encourage levels of self-trust that reach beyond the boundaries of conventional competences: the courage to trust ourselves rather than rely blindly on what we've been taught is a major attribute of self-empowerment.

 Altazar Rossiter provides transformative support for people evolving consciously through life’s challenges. He works primarily with those who are in a position to impact the lives of others: facilitators, therapists, coaches, managers, leaders, teachers and trainers, recognising personal and professional development as two aspects of the same process.

He has presented various educational conferences, LCG, Alternatives Coaching Group and the ICF and led a facilitator training programme with The Shapers of Education Foundation in the Netherlands. His written materials have been used by the Zur Institute in California and on various courses around the world.

Altazar has a PhD in Semiotics (Psychoanalytic and Linguistic Theory) and is the author of DEVELOPING SPIRITUAL INTELLIGENCE – The Power of You. ...



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